Golfer to watch in 2016 : Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is a professional golfer from Louisville Kentucky. He attended the University of Alabama for one year before turning pro in 2013. He finished the 2015 PGA season with seven top tens massing total winnings of $2,278,564. On November 1, 2015 at the CIM B classic he broke through and got his first PGA tour win. I have been a big fan of is since he played in Alabama and look forward to seeing what he will do in the upcoming season.


Golfer to watch in 2016 : Jordan Spieth (Post by Email)

To no surprise 22 year old phenom Jordan Spieth was named the Golfer of the Year voted on by his peers. He earned this title by winning five tournaments including two of the four majors, the Masters and the U.S. Open. In the other two he was right in the hunt on the last day finishing one shot out of a playoff at the Open Championship at St. Andrews and finally a second place finish at the last major of the year, the PGA Championship had all but sealed the deal for his title of Golfer of the Year. To cap off his incredible season, he won the FedEx Cup and its $10 million dollar bonus bringing his 2015 winnings to a total of $22 million.
Jordan will most likely be the favorite to win just about any tournament he tees it up at in 2016, and I expect him to win at least one more major this year, and maybe even the Gold Medal for the United States! I cant wait to see what him and his caddy Michael Greller can do in 2016! Give yourself a round of applause Jordan for a stellar 2015 season!

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Practice makes Perfect

Just like any sport practice is an important part of ones success and golf is no different. If I have heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times, “Practice makes Perfect”. This picture was captured on my GoPro camera and is once of my favorites I have taken while out on the driving range. Hope you enjoy it!

hitting range balls with GoPro

Driving range session at Ol Colony!

Golf is for All!

Golf is a sport for men and women of all ages. In 2016, it is projected that more “millennials” than ever before will be playing the sport. This is great news that people are accepting it more and more as a sport that is enjoyable and worthwhile. One of the great companies promoting golf at a young age is U.S. Kids Golf. This company not only produces probably the most innovative equipment for young golfers but also hosts the most competitive tournaments for kids from ages 4-14. Personally, I am glad that I was introduced to the sport when I was young because golf is one of few sports you can play for just about your entire life.

Overcoming the Doubters

Many of the critics believe that golf is not worthy of the Olympics. Also, they criticize if golf is up to par with the other 28 sports, which require great athletic ability. However, because of it’s great popularity I believe it will be a success for Summer Olympics 2016.